Our Support

LYNXX support is ready to provide technical assistance at any point during installation, configuration or operation.  

The support team is closely integrated with our internal development staff, so they know every detail of the LYNXX system.

Will I need to install any additional software to work with LYNXX web client?

No, you do not need to install anything. You just need to use a Web browser. For the best user experience we recommend using Chrome, Firefox.

How do I configure my Web browser to work with LYNXX web client?

Lynxx does not require any special configuration for use on any supported web browser.

Can I log into my LYNXX account several times from different computers using the same credentials?

Yes, but not concurrently. Once you login from a new device, any existing earlier session will be terminated.

How long does it take to see a photograph captured by Lynxx at Lynxx.co, from the time when it was taken?

This is strictly related to the bandwidth available at your site. The higher the bandwidth, the lower the time. It’s same like uploading a few MB file to a top tier connected data centre.

What happens to images captured while the internet connection is down?

The LYNXX camera unit has a large on-board memory for storing pictures. It will be able to store pictures for long periods when not connected. These images will be uploaded to the Lynxx servers once the internet connection is restored.

What’s the strategy to transfer on-board stored images to the Lynxx servers once internet connection is restored after an outage?

The most current image is transferred first. Other images are then sent to the server from most current to oldest.  This strategy is configurable, however.

How many images can the Lynxx unit store on-board?

Lynxx units can store about 2,500 high-resolution images

How long can the Lynxx unit continue to store pictures on-board when it is not connected to Internet?

The duration is a direct factor of the number of Views configured on the unit, the interval set between image capture and number of capturing hours per day. At minimum this equates to 5 days of image capturing assuming 5 Views set on the unit, interval of 10 minutes between captures and 15 hours a day capturing.

Operational Tips


Sensible positioning of the Lynxx units from the project start is key to successful usage. This avoids frequent repositioning of the units. Customer need to consider that an image repository is associated with a “View”. Therefore, repositioning the Lynxx unit or changing its PTZ settings will result in new “Views”. Too many short lived “Views” makes for a fractured project visual history.


Lynxx units mounting position is highly dependent on site and adjacent structures situation. For example on a new construction project, It’s highly advisable to position Lynxx units on Poles high above ground around the site perimeter and then as the project progresses either to install additional units or to reposition existing units in other suitable locations.


Project sites must provide power and internet in wired or wireless form for the Lynxx units to operate. The quality of the Internet connection is of specific importance for a successful user experience. High quality internet ensures timely image transfer to Lynxx servers and no loss of captured images. This in turn ensures timely availability of all captured images for Lynxx users.