The Camera Hardware

LYNXX is a powerful fully enclosed IP-66 rated construction monitoring unit which can be installed vertically (e.g. on a pole) or horizontally (e.g. on a flat surface like a roof). LYNXX includes a PTZ control unit with strong mechanical structure and two powerful motors for Pan & Tilt movements designed to guarantee maximum resistance to high operating stress, vibrations and temperatures between -10°C to +60°C. LYNXX enclosures including the powerful PTZ control units are manufactured in Europe.


Fully enclosed system containing high resolution camera, micro-computer operating system, application software, power, wired and wireless networking equipment

Robust mechanical structure eliminating maintenance needs

Weatherproof IP-66 rating

Image resolution up to 50MP (Megapixel)

Variable speed: 0.02°-20°/s Pan and Tilt

Horizontal continuous rotation providing 360 degree coverage

Vertical coverage from +45 degrees up to -20 degrees

Position accuracy: 0.02 degrees

Integrated wiper

Operating temperature: -10°C / +60°C (14°F / 140°F)

Power supply: 230 VAC, 24 VAC or 120 VAC

Made in Europe


The LYNXX unit contains all hardware, software, camera, micro-computer operating system, power, wired and wireless networking equipment required for taking and transmitting high quality digital images. All components of the LYNXX unit are enclosed in a sealed and weatherproof housing.


Installation is simple. The unit is ready to plug in and use straight out of the box and images from the unit are available instantly. LYNXX units may be mounted vertically (e.g. on a pole) or horizontally (e.g. on a flat surface like a roof).


The LYNXX unit contains a miniature motherboard running a customized Linux operating system. Software running in the unit is configured to control the camera remotely for operations such as establishing the frequency of images, focal or PTZ settings.