The Admin Dashboard

Lynxx’s Admin Dashboard (ADB) is a unique and powerful tool that gives the client’s ­administrators immediate and rich functionality to manage their project components and stakeholders. Admin Dashboard functionality is contained within five unique “Cards”; Users, Timelapse Storage, CMUs, Views and MAP editor cards. These “Cards” are described further.


Create New User

Users Card gives the client’s administrator the ability to add new users, set their access rights, modify those rights later, set users Timelapse videos storage limits and so on. Through this cards, the administrator has full control and maximum granularity in assigning rights to the user, per CMU and per View. For example, security personnel can be given access to Views which control site entrance and exist points only while project management can be assigned full rights to all views.

Manage User

Administrators can change permission for any user at any point to satisfy project needs. For ­easier and faster troubleshooting of the client’s permission or access to any given location or view, a powerful feature gives administrators the ability to login on behalf of a user and see ­exactly the same interface as would a user see it without using the user’s credentials.


Timelapse Storage Card provide the client’s administrator handy tool to manage timelapse movies generated and saved by Client’s users. Information such as number of movies, size per movie, duration and even a thumbnail showing last image of the movie for easy reference are provided in this card. Displayed rows can be sorted to for example show largest files or users consuming most storage space and similar aspects can be managed here.

Withing this Card User‘s Administrator can easily access movie last thumbnail and enlarge it for review and further administration.


Construction Monitoring Units (CMUs) Card provides an overview of the hardware status. Here Administrator can monitor unit specific characteristics. For example the temperature inside, local unit storage status or when the unit was online last time. The card is supported with a visual map showing the CMUs location. All monitored characteristics have thresholds with color code to notify the administrator of the health status of each unit. Power or internet outage, high ­temperature, local storage running out of space and so on.


Views Card offers the client’s administrator an overview of all views that are set in the system for the project grouped per location. For each View, various characteristics are displayed such as number of images in the portal, number of images in the queue (still to be uploaded to the server), time stamp of first and last images, current frequency for image capture for day and night times and so on.


MAP Editor Card of Admin Dashboard provides the client’s administrator the ability to adjust the ­location of each unit on the project map. For each location, the administrator can also adjust and set the azimuth for any view at that location. Modifications are saved and propagated immediately to the portal. This card allows client’s administors great flexibility adjusting Views and even ­relocating CMUs to new Locations as project’s needs evolve and reflecting those changes on the project map.

This Card also provides a tool for an administrator to set default Location and default View so when the user login into portal most prefer site view is shown by default.